How to Cure Eczema

Eczema (also called Dermatitis) is a form of inflammation that causes the skin to itch. The more frequent the itch, the greater the urge to scratch. The more scratching, the worse the eczema gets.

Typically, eczema presents itself as dry skin that tends to become inflamed. When the irritated area is frequently scratched, the eczema rashes start to appear. Eventually blisters with pus emerge, which creates a very painful eczema experience.

The doctors like to say, “There is no cure for eczema”. But they are also quick to assure that there are treatments available, treatments that can give some relief to patients suffering from eczema.

Intense moisturizing can provide instant relief from the drying up and scratching. Dietary changes can also contribute in clearing up eczema. But usually these alone, are not enough. Thus, the doctors prescribe medications to have hopefully better control over eczema; especially in severe cases. Topical steroids and oral catabolic steroids are two of the many treatment options preferred by doctors.

Topical steroids are steroid creams that are designed to reduce itching and inflammation. However, they can’t be applied to a child’s face and also can’t be used by a pregnant woman due to possible birth defects caused by the active ingredients of the cream.

Catabolic steroids, usually in form of tablets, are taken orally. Usage comes with several possible side effects like weight gain, bone thinning or high-blood pressure.

 Of course both topical steriod and catabolic steriod treatments are expensive and over time their effectiveness can diminish.

These methods do indeed treat eczema symptoms. However, none of these methods actually cure eczema. That’s why I am recommending an all natural, safe holistic method for actually curing eczema by addressing the cause of the disease. Click here to learn more about how to cure your eczema.