Children with Eczema

Children With Eczema

Eczema sufferers can be found everywhere. Even children suffer with eczema.

Eczema can appear in all different kinds of people. It can affect the wealthy just as easily as it can affect the poor. Eczema knows no race, creed, social or economic restrictions. Everyone is susceptible to this disease. No one’s exempt; not even children.

According to a recent survey of the nations leading dermatologists, one out of ten children will suffer from eczema. It appears, usually before the age of five, but can show up in infants. If you see rashes on your child, consult a pediatrician and a dermatologist as soon as possible to confirm the diagnosis.

Eczema appears in babies and children up to five years old as normally red, inflamed rashes with bumps on the cheeks and forehead. It may also show up on the knees or elbows. The eczema may develop into fluid-filled blisters that sometimes burst which can be very painful for kids.

In children older than five, eczema can develop on wrists, elbows, knees and ankles typically as round red scaly patches.

Eczema is not dangerous or contagious, so your child does not need to be isolated from other children or adults. Your child can still go to school or camp and do all of the things a child should do. You can help avoid an eczema flare up by following these prevention tips:

  • All of your child’s clothes should be made of 100% cotton. Cotton will help the skin breathe and cool down. It also reduces the scratchy feeling that other fabrics have.
  • Use a mild, fragrance free soap with lukewarm to warm water in our child’s bath. This type of soap is gentler on skin. Use a soft cotton cloth to apply the soap and always be extra gentle, never scrub the skin roughly.
  • Regular moisturizing of your child’s skin can also help. Using creams or ointments as advised or prescribed by your pediatrician may help maintain the skin’s moisture and reduce skin irritation.
  • Help your child understand that scratching and rubbing the affected areas may make the eczema outbreak worse and could start a painful flare-up.
  • Be sure to keep your child’s fingernails trimmed neat and clean.
  • Keep your home environment as clean and dust-free as possible. You may also want to restrict pets from certain areas at home.

It seems like a lot of work, and it is; but what won’t we do for our kids, right? That’s why I am recommending this safe, all natural treatment system for eczema. It cured mine in just ten days. Give your child the opportunity for an eczema free life. Click here to learn how to cure your child’s eczema once and for all.

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